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And So This Is Christmas

2009 December 28
by Pamela

We’ve started a tradition in which we decorate the tree together as a family the weekend following Thanksgving. My parent’s joined us and we had snacks while we listened to Christmas music and enjoyed the evening. The tree looked so pretty when it was finished. I wish I had a picture of it. But I don’t because we had this little Elf who liked to swipe ornaments off the tree.

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Even while caught red handed, she doesn’t try to look innocent:

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Between her, the cats, and the long-term-non-paying-dogsitting-gig called Sam, this is what the tree ended up looking like:

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No ornaments on the bottom half of the tree. There are no ornaments LEFT for the bottom half of the tree because they either got stepped on, thrown, or my personal favorite, ran over with a train. Repeatedly.

But she is cute and that’s the only reason we keep her.

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Elizabeth and Daddy, Christmas Day, 2009

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