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2010, the Year of the Conquerer

2010 January 4
by Pamela

I’ve never been much for writing New Year’s resolutions, mostly because I forget them by the third week of January. At some point I look back on what I wrote and feel like a lazy failure. But I’m becoming optimistic in my old age, apparently. And maybe even disciplined. I accomplished almost all of my 2009 goals, granted there were only five. But I had an infant whose motto for her first year was “sleep is for the weak” so “brush my teeth everyday” was a big accomplishment.

In the interest of full disclosure and to gain all the benefits of accountability that the Internet offers, I hereby offer you my 2010 goals:

1. Start and maintain a blog (hopefully accomplished; I guess I can eat bon bons for the next 11 months).

2. Lose the ten pounds I keep gaining and losing and lose them for good (at least until and if I get prego again – I suppose bon bons won’t aid in this goal)

3. Memorize 52 scripture passages.

4. Find an at-home hair color that a. looks like a better version of my real color and b. covers my increasing-on-a-daily-basis-thanks-to-my-two-children grey hair.

5. Host a bunco party for ladies, complete with funny costumes.

6. Stop freaking out about the house and have more people over.

7. Intentionally be open for “impact moments” with people (more on this in another post).

8. Figure out and employ a system to keep our house clean on a daily and weekly basis.

9. Take our girls on vacation. Bonus points if we get to do this with some other fun families.

10. Figure out how to get my knee healed up for good.

11. Make Julia Child’s recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon

12. Do something to improve our marriage and the marriages around us. I don’t know what this is yet. Maybe read a book together, go to a conference or retreat?

13. Host a fondue party.

There you have it folks. If you feel inclined to help me reach my goals, feel free to: loan me your fondue pots, teach me how to play bunco, hire a physical therapist for me, offer to take us on vacation, and give me your hair color recommendations. Oh, and clean my house!

Or just cheer me on when I get one of my goals accomplished. That would be fabulous too.

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