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My first product review! The Shark Mop

2010 January 8
by Pamela
Here’s a little secret that even my closest friends don’t know about me: I like my floors clean. I love when the sun shines through the window and reflects off the hardwood and gleams. It’s like a little ray of sunshine just for me.

The reason my friends don’t know this is because my floors rarely gleam. Mary Claire does her best to hit her mouth when she eats, but isn’t a perfect throw yet. Elizabeth just aims for the general vicinity of her head and mostly misses. Plus a certain someone around this house refuses to remove their shoes before traipsing snow through all of it.

Basically the only thing we have going for our floors is Sam, the pain-in-the-butt, non-paying, long-term dogsitting gig. Otherwise known as ROOMBA. She gladly licks up the yogurt spattered on the floor and even tries to daintily pick up the stray cheerios and popcorn.

But she doesn’t mop. Unfortunately.

It’s funny how much Bob dislikes Sam since he has been all “We have to get another dog. For protection”.  She is actually an excellent guard dog, but that’s about it. Listening? No. Giving you any indication she needs to potty before going into the basement and doing it there? Nope. What he really wanted was a dog who gazed at him adoringly, apparently. But Sam’s watch dog instincts are killer. Don’t break into our house, at least not until mid-March. You should also know that we have a home security system. And I might be a ninja.

Whoo hoo, I’m just full of tangents tonight.

So ANYWAY, what was I saying about my hair? Oh yes, the floors. I needed to mop the floors badly. Driving home through the White Death snowstorm, I dreaded the impending doom of having to wash the floors. Then I remembered my sweet friend Jill’s offer to loan me her brand spankin’ new Shark Mop. Oh, it’s a lavender sight to behold. Just fill it with water (no cleaning products needed) and 30 seconds later, SHAZAM! It’s steaming and you just push the thing around.

Since I’m the annoying type of person who feel compelled to tell you about every single thing I’ve ever used, cooked, worn, tasted, and bought, including how much it cost, what store it came from and what the cashier looked like, here’s my product review of the Shark Mop:

1. It made sense to me. All the different attachments went on intuitively and easily. I didn’t need to refer to the manual to see how anything worked.

2. The steam heats in less than 30 seconds, I think.

3. It’s pretty light to carry.

4. You don’t have to use cleaning products, just add water.

5. There is no smell afterwards. Some people attribute “clean” to “chemical-induced haze”. I don’t. Clean actually shouldn’t smell like Glad Potpourri scented spray.

6. As Jill said, the cord is super-long and reached into several rooms.

7. The pads are washable, which is good for the wallet and environment.

The Drawbacks:

1. Granted I’m a wimpity-wimp, but my arms were sore from all the pushing. It drags quite a bit, which is good because you don’t want a mop gliding over your dirt. You want your mop in the thick of the War On Dirt. Just don’t drag my biceps into your battle, Shark.

2. The water tank is a little small. I had to re-fill it after doing our kitchen twice. And our kitchen is about the size of most people’s walk-in closets.

3. You have to wait 2-3 minutes to change the heads on the mop. So everytime it got dirty, I had to stop, wait a few minutes, then change it and start again. Stella kinda lost her groove, you know what I mean?

4. You can’t bleach the mop heads. This is probably minor to most people, but I’m kind of gross in the fact that I like the mop head to be super white so I can see how much nastiness came off my floor. If the mop head is even slightly stained, you can’t really tell how much fabulous work you just did and how you earned at least 20 minutes on Facebook for your efforts.

5. Here’s the only thing that really bugged me though: it left streaks on the floor. I did the first pass through the kitchen and I noticed them. So I decided to put on a fresh head and try again. There was actually still some dirt on the floor so I’m glad that I did. But there were still streaks and the floor didn’t shine the way it does when I scoot around on my butt with a microfiber rag and some hot water and vinegar.

So my verdict is: I don’t know. I’m going to wait until morning and see if the streaks are noticeable in natural light. It is super easy to use and is certainly faster than me on my butt, that’s for sure.

And as a disclaimer, Jill LOVES this mop and has never noticed streaks. So it might just be that my floor was really, really gross. I might try again tomorrow and see how it looks.

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