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Same Kind of Different As Me

2010 January 12
by Pamela

I just finished reading Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. It’s a true story about a wealthy art dealer, a homeless man, and how their paths intersect. It’s also about the power of God, redemption, and how a woman who loves God can change the country.

I’m bursting after reading this book. I don’t know what to do with my burstingness (the best part of having a blog is that you can make up your own words) but I’m so inspired to do something. And of course I want the world to read it, but since it’s been on the New York Times best seller list for ages now, half the world already has. I was awake in bed for two hours last night dreaming up the possibilities of how to share the book with as many people as possible. Then I prayed and prayed and prayed. Prayed for how my life could look different if I was to love that unconditionally, as well as how our church could impact the city.

I finally started to drift off to sleep when Elizabeth started to cry. I spent two hours with her at the Urgent Care for an ear infection today and knew she wasn’t feeling well. So I went into her room, wrapped us up in blankets, and we had a good long snuggle.

Unfortunately the sweet snuggle turned into a “Do you want some milk?” “Yes? Okay”. Got her some milk and she wouldn’t drink it. Maybe she’s hungry. “Do you want a hot dog?” (Don’t judge). “Yes? Okay” Get her a hot dog and she won’t eat it. This went on and on and my sanity was wearing thin by 3 a.m. I finally abandoned any hope that she would ever fall asleep again so I did what any desperate woman does: woke up my husband.

I don’t really know what happened next except that I woke up at 9 a.m. Bob and I never discussed last night; some nightmares don’t bear repeating. Plus, if we don’t talk about our night from hell when the baby refused to sleep despite the offer of hot dogs and chocolate milk at 2 a.m. then it surely won’t happen tonight.

My point? I often dream big dreams. Even spiritual dreams can be very romantic. I’m going to inspire my whole church to read this book, or maybe I’ll start a book club and we will use this book as an impetus to change the whole city. Or maybe I will just quietly start serving at the homeless shelter everyday and “carry the torch” that Denver writes about in the book.

Maybe I will do one of those things. But I don’t need to start a revolution or book club or ministry to grow where I am planted. Believe me, I have ample opportunities to love these two little munchkins/gremlins unconditionally. They wear me thin, build me up, tear me down; and it happens all for God’s glory.

My imagination offered opportunities for spiritual grandeur, God offers me a crying baby at 3 a.m. One could impact our church, maybe our city, the other impacts my baby and my legacy with her. He offers me whatever He chooses to make me into His likeness. Do I say yes to the baby who needs me at 2 a.m. or say no and wait for something a little more glamourous?

Sometimes we want “bigger” assignments from God, I do for sure. I would much rather be called to plan a huge conference where the authors of Same Kind of Different As Me are the keynotes. I even planned the luncheon out in my head should anyone ask me (hint: it will be a Texas-style barbeque, but no cole slaw, that’s gross).

Instead God offers me Elizabeth and asks me to love her unconditionally, even when she is being Miss Cranky Pants. And being faithful right here is the best way to carry the torch and spread the love.

“Lord, I slow, I smile. By my face, Father. May the Lord smile upon you, and be gracious to you (and through you)”.

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