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At Least I Accomplished A Goal This Year

2010 February 17
by Pamela

Or: The recipe that cooked my hiney, part 2

The following day, Valentine’s Day, we had Amita, Tamora, Chris and Charles back for the unveiling. Here are some photos of our fancy schmancy dinner party.

Chris and Tamora:


Charles and Amita:


Bob and me:

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But you didn’t come here to see us, so here’s The Dish:


Does it look like beef stew to you, minus any semblance of a carrot? Well let me be the first to tell you, it is.

But our table was pretty, no? Our china was brought from Poland by my grandmother who immigrated here in 1950.


The most amazing thing about this dish is the way it smells. Heaven will smell like this, I’m sure of it. This and Cinnabons. Charles breathing in the Heavenness:


Verdict? Not spectacular. At all. I keep thinking that we messed it up somehow because everyone writes how amazing it was but it was…not. Certainly not 45 steps and 6 hours and a lot of money amazing. And DEFINITELY not a whole day’s worth of calories and 52 grams of fat amazing.

But in the end I did something that was one of my goals, accomplished it with friends, and had a good time with some fabulous people. Making this dish was more about doing something that scared me, to be honest. I don’t like messing up and with 45 steps, there was a lot of potential. So I still consider it a success.

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I might make this dish over and over though until I find the amazing. Or I might just chalk it up to a great experience and be done with it, on to new and brighter things.

Things with less than 970 calories.

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  1. Papa Petros (Peter) permalink
    October 8, 2010

    A Place of Vulnerability and Trust

    When we gather around the table and eat from the same loaf
    and drink from the same cup, we are most vulnerable to one
    another. We cannot have a meal together in peace with guns
    hanging over our shoulders and pistols attached to our
    belts. When we break bread together we leave our arms –
    whether they are physical or mental – at the door and enter
    into a place of mutual vulnerability and trust.

    The beauty of the Eucharist is precisely that it is the
    place where a vulnerable God invites vulnerable people to
    come together in a peaceful meal. When we break bread and
    give it to each other, fear vanishes and God becomes very
    –Henri Nouwen

  2. Peter permalink
    October 19, 2010

    A while ago, I listened to a great segment on NPR… I think that it was on Fressh Air by Terri Gross. This particular episode was dedicated to Gluten Free recipes. Long story short, this is the website reccommended: (by the way, I did not check to see if this site is a viable one). Great cooking, eating, and fellowship-ping. Let us not forget that in and only in the Gospel of Luke, the disciples finally recognized in the stranger, our Lord, on the road to Emmaus. May our Lord, God and Saviour the Christ, always bless our table, fellowship, and Christian Love. p

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