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So THAT'S what a blog is for!

2010 March 9
by Pamela

For the season of Lent, I have drastically limited my internet time. I know, what a
21st century sacrifice. Lent actually snuck up on me this year and I didn’t think about giving up anything until the time was upon us. But it coincided with a busy weekend in which I spent virtually no time on the computer. It was refreshing to be in the moment with my husband, children, and house guests, not wondering about so and so’s kids hockey game (I’d be getting play by plays on Facebook) or whether I won the giveaway on one of the many blogs I read daily, or what Claire Dane’s hair looked like at the last movie premier (People magazine), there – all my vices are now out in the open.

I love the internet. I love blogs especially, because I love to read anything well-written, and the fact that you can get a glimpse into someone’s life in another part of the world appeals to my voyeurism. It makes the world smaller, in a good way. Sometimes there are things going on in my life and I don’t have anyone around in the same situation: reading a blog helps me find my “people”, teaches me new things, expands my boundaries, and brings comfort.

But the internet also makes me feel alone. Afterall, there is nothing more alone than sitting in front of a computer screen. Except maybe a jail cell.

So I’ve been focusing on my real relationships. Trying to make phone calls instead of emails, playdates instead of Facebook posts, having quiet time in the evening rather than jotting notes about eyeshadow pallettes. It’s been a good thing.

Ironically, during this time I also had an epiphany about this blog. I’ve been struggling to write here because I’ve been imagining my imaginary reader and what this said reader might find interesting. And the fact that a nine-year-old kid tried to steal my cat while riding a scooter is probably not that interesting. (But if it is, let me know and I’ll write about it).

I’ve realized that this blog can be my own special place, my “happy place” if you will, where I can record memories, but I don’t always have to have a poignant story. All the gluten free weight watcher recipes I’m collecting? Ha, you’ve found your home! The homeschool resources I’m reviewing? Ding, ding, welcome! Instead of a million “favorites” on my internet home page, I can find everything I’ve ever been interested in on my own personal blog.

And if someone else finds my rants worth reading, then my circle of people just got a little wider. But in the meantime I have an eyeshadow palette I’ve been hoping to buy and this blog seems just the right place to share it.

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