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The Halfway Point

2010 March 19
by Pamela

Within days I’ll be celebrating my 35th birthday. I’ve always considered 35 to be the halfway point. The tipping point. Not that it’s all downhill from here, but if my ever-emerging grey hairs and worsening-daily-skin are an indication, things might not be getting better on some fronts.

But it is wonderful to get older. I like myself so much more now. There is less apologizing for who I am, along with more discipline to change the parts of me that need to be changed.

Getting older means settling in the skin you’re in. I find myself growing where I’m planted much easier than I once did. I rarely compare myself to anyone else. When I do and find myself lacking, so be it. That might be one of the best lessons I’ve learned from my husband: there are always lesser and greater than you, so learn to live with it.

My hopes for my 35th year are:

1. That I continue to pursue my 2010 goals.
2. Direction for prayers near and dear to my heart.
3. To improve my health in some tangible ways.

And to accomplish #3 Bob and I are going to celebrate in a BIG way for my birthday. We are going to drop the girls off at my parent’s house after church, eat bar burgers, and then enjoy a quiet afternoon at home. Maybe we will even watch Food 101, the documentery I’ve had for months now but not had 1.5 hours to sit in front of the TV uninterrupted.

I’d also like to get this blog up and running someday.

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