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The Shack

2010 April 26
by Pamela

Why is this so hard for me?

Tell me what you are afraid of Mack.

Well, let’s see. I am afraid of looking like an idiot, I am afraid that you are making fun of me and that I will sink like a rock. I imagine that –

Exactly, Jesus interrupted, you imagine. Such a powerful ability, the imagination! That power alone makes you like me. But without wisdom, imagination is a cruel taskmaster. If I may prove my case, do you think humans were designed to live in the present, past, or future?

Well, I think the most obvious answer is that we were designed to live in the present.

Now tell me, where do you spend most of your time in your mind, in your imagination. The past, present or future?

I suppose I spend very little time in the present. For me, I spend a big piece in the past, but the rest of the time I’m trying to figure out the future.

Do you realize that your imagination of the future, which is always dictated by fear of some kind, rarely if ever pictures me there with you?

Why do I do that?

It is your desperate attempt to get some control over something you can’t. It is impossible for you to take power over the future because it isn’t even real, nor will it ever be real. You try and play God, imagining the evil that you fear becoming reality, and then you try and make plans and contingencies to avoid what you fear.

Why do I have so much fear in my life?

Because you don’t believe. You don’t know that I love you. The person who lives by their fears will not find freedom in my love. To the degree that imagined fears of the future have a place in your life, you neither believe I am good nor know deep in your heart that I love you. You sing about it,¬†you talk about it, but you don’t know it.

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