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Dear Heather

2010 May 17
by Pamela

Dear Heather

First off, your new little girl Analiese is beautiful. Watching a child grow before your very eyes is one of God’s greatest gifts, isn’t it?

When we spoke on the phone the other day, I shared what a struggle it’s been to get Mary Claire dressed recently. She has decided that she alone should pick out her daily outfits, but the results have been sometimes entertaining, other times mortifying. The girl has no concept of matching or proper fit. At all. And the more excited she is about the day’s events, the more layers she puts on. But as an artist, the idea of Analiese someday showcasing her own flair for fashion sounded like such an “awwwww” idea to you.

So I’d like to show you what “flair” can look like to a four-year-old:

The above ensemble is comprised of a knitted apricot dress with a velvet sweater. Underneath the dress is a corduroy black skirt (she refuses to accept that dresses and skirts need not be worn simultaneously). Under the apricot dress and corduroy skirt are thick, hot pink winter tights with purple flowers on them.   She wore this on an 80 degree day in May.

Below you will see Exhibit 2 of 150, which is her sister’s size 18 month top and shorts along with thick winter tights.

Again, it was an 80 degree day.

The outfits have become so outlandish that I no longer fear being seen in public with her, ironically. I used to worry that people would judge me for being a bad mother based on her thrown-together ensembles. But with get-ups like these, any stranger meets my eye with a look of knowing. Most of us have been there, the Land of I-Can’t-Believe-I-Let-My-Kid-Get-Away-With-This. But she is so proud of herself when she comes out with one of the get-ups, all I can do is smile and tell her how beautiful she looks. Because she does. Even on an 80 degree day in May.

So here’s to hoping that Analiese inherits your amazing fashion sense. Otherwise feel free to call me and commiserate. I will understand.




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