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No tequila, please

2010 May 11
by Pamela

Mary Claire’s little friend A is over. Her Mom sent her with a big sippy cup of water and said she needed to drink some of it. Since she wasn’t cooperating, I decided a little competition might help.

I filled two juice glasses with water and held a contest. Whoever finished the glass first would be the winner. Yes, perhaps I read about this in a few sorority hazing stories in Newsweek, but it was just one juice cup.

And the contest begins! MC tilts her head back and drains the glass before her friend’s first sip. I tried again, same result.

Her friend still finished her glass of water, which was the whole point. But the whole thing fast forwarded at 800 mpminute and I could see her at a frat party, downing mass amounts of some copious liquid. Every parent is pleased with their kids talents, but perhaps this is one we could do without.

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