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I Swear I'm Not Exaggerating To Make This Story More Ironic

2010 June 30
by Pamela

My girlfriend came over to pick her daughter up from a playdate. She mentioned how well-behaved our new dog Nina is. Yes, I told her, Nina’s former owner was a huge fan of the Dog Whisperer and trained her according to his methods. She listens so well!

We walked outside and noticed Zoey, one of our cats, sprawled out across the roof of my friend’s car. I apologized but assured her that Zoey may leave a paw print or two on her windshield, but doesn’t scratch the paint with her claws. No problem, she said.

As she’s buckling her daughter into her car seat, we continued to talk about how much her husband wants a dog and if she could find a dog like ours, she might consider getting one.

Just then Nina leaped across the porch and bushes like she’s wearing a Mighty Dog cape and chases maniacally after Zoey, who had just started to climb off the car roof. Nina yelped as if that cat was her only shot at dinner, raced across the street after Zoey (not looking for cars first, mind you) and proceeded to chase her up a tree. Which is where Zoey still resides, three hours later.

I got Nina back across the street, scolded her appropriately, and then checked my girlfriend’s car. It now has scratches all across the hood from ZOEY THE CAT WHO DOESN’T LEAVE SCRATCH MARKS BUT DID TONIGHT THANKS TO OUR NEW DOG THAT IS SO WELL-TRAINED.

The End.

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  1. Ellen permalink
    August 17, 2010

    Last night, Nina was on her leash tied to the swing as Louie and me were swinging when all of a sudden the swing jumped (it seemed) and I thought it broke. Turned out it was Nina running hell bent for leather and got stopped by the chain. Scared us both!! Then Nina came whimpering over to us – she was choking. The first time that’s happened. Must’ve been a critter on the dark side of the yard. Since it was midnight and we didn’t know if it was animal, vegetable or mineral – we went inside with Nina!! She is the best dog ever for sure even with occasional mishaps! Like scratching a car……………………..sigh!

  2. Pamela permalink
    August 17, 2010

    Oh boy… she has a thing for little critters apparently. I’m so glad she is working out for you. I am missing that silly dog like crazy though.

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