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No One Puts Baby In A Corner

2010 June 3
by Pamela

Two points if you recognize the title.

So I’ve noticed this weird thing about myself. I’m hoping everyone else will rise up and shout “me too!” so I don’t have yet another thing to talk about in therapy. Feel free to lie so I feel better about myself.

When I go to any gathering when I’m expected to make conversation, whether it be a dinner party, bible study, book discussion, etc., if I sit in the corner of the room I shrivel up and die. Even if I was feeling talkative and in a good mood, something about being in the corner sucks me into the deep abyss. And I can’t talk. I just get so quiet and don’t know how to break out of it.

Okay, now is the time I want you to lie and tell me it happens to you all the time.

Two more bonus points if you can answer these questions: Why would the arrangement of seating make a difference in my ability to open my mouth? And even so, knowing what I know, why can’t I break out from the bondage of the Horrible Corner Cycle? I was at a bible study tonight and someone graciously offered me the coveted La-Z Boy in the corner. I didn’t want to sit there; I knew I’d drown. But I had no choice and yes, it happened again. So please send help. Or money.

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  1. Tim Ferrier permalink
    August 20, 2010

    Well I wouldn’t feel bad Pam, it’s a known that circles promote conversation and interaction and we all know that there are no corners in a circle. So I would say it’s a psychological thing mostly, so therapy might not be a bad idea! LOL. Not really. I think the best way to break out of it is to add inane comments loudly from the corner and try to joke your way out of the corner. Once people are actually looking toward you it won’t feel like a corner anymore and you’ll be able to communicate like you usually do. Of course the fool proof way out of the corner is to go make some coffee for the group! LOL (inside joke). Then just take a different seat when you come back or stay standing, that will allow you to get the eye contact you need to feel involved in the group.
    Random ideas from Tim.

    • Pamela permalink*
      August 20, 2010

      ahhh, I feel like I just got out of therapy! and for free! Thanks Tim

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