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Mad Crush: Randy’s Gluten-Free Granola

2010 September 22
by Pamela

I was never one to plan out our breakfast meals the way I do our dinners.  Unless it’s a special occasion, I usually just kept some cereal, eggs, and bagels around for the morning.  I’m not really good at thinking that early in the morning, you see.

But one of the most challenging  meals for someone with gluten issues is breakfast.  All the typical fair, like waffles, pancakes, cereal, toast, and muffins contain gluten.  Which means that some planning becomes necessary.  For the first month after Bob was diagnosed he ate eggs every single day.  I was so overwhelmed with totally re-vamping our dinners and snacks that I couldn’t add another menu shift to the mix.

Thankfully Bob is not the type of guy who needs a lot of variety in his diet, so we’ve come up with a few breakfasts which he happily eats over and over again.  This would drive me nuts, but it suits him just fine.

One of his favorites (and also the easiest, oh how I love this man) is yogurt with fruit and gluten- free granola. 

See that granola?  Even if you don’t have gluten issues, you might want to try some.  Randy’s Granola is all natural, meaning you can pronounce every ingredient.  And for you locals, it’s made in Michigan.  It can be purchased at Westborn Fruit Market as well as Eastern Market.  It has a great toasted cinammon flavor.  I’ve used it as topping on baked apples as well.  And it’s a good source of fiber too.  Protein + Fiber = Full for longer.  And who doesn’t want that from their breakfast?

We also love Trader Joe’s greek style yogurt.  If you haven’t tried greek yogurt, it is more the consistency of sour cream than traditional yogurt.  Don’t quote me on the next part, but I believe it has at least twice the amount of protein as the regular stuff.  Have you ever read the ingredients in the Dannon or Yoplait?  It’s not nearly as natural as I thought and has a long list of additives.  But the TJ’s stuff is just milk. 

 The greek process includes straining regular yogurt so all the whey comes off it, yielding a thicker, creamier, and more fortified yogurt.  It comes in vanilla as well, but we’ve come to enjoy the plain (which truly tastes just like sour cream) with some honey on it.  This is the way the “real Greeks” eat it, according to my friend Peter.

If you are in the mood to try greek yogurt, you can get the Fage brand at both Meijer and Kroger in the regular yogurt section.  Yoplait also makes it now, but I didn’t like theirs at all.  Too gritty.  We loved the Fage brand as much as Trader Joes, but TJ’s is so much cheaper.

The Fit & Active plain yogurt is from Aldi and Bob eats that as well. 

See how the blueberries are in a mason jar?  I don’t know where I learned that tip, but it’s a great one.  Berries tend to mold quickly, but if you rinse and put them in a mason jar in your fridge, they last and last.

Next up:  the elusive quinoa.

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  1. September 23, 2010

    This is one my favorite breakfasts as well (and I’m also gluten-free). I first started eating this when we were on a trip to Israel and it was literally the only option for me.

    • Pamela permalink*
      September 23, 2010

      Krysta, do you eat the same brand of granola or is there another gf one you like? Sometimes it’s hard for me to get to Westborn and I’d love to know about another brand. I was in Israel too once upon a time and remember being served some odd breakfasts.

  2. September 24, 2010

    I haven’t had that brand of granola. I have bought TJ’s GF-granola but I don’t like it very much. I have picked up a different brand of GF granola at Westborn before and I’ve tried making my own.

    Sometimes I will buy non-GF granola if I am able to read through the ingredients carefully. I know there is a possibility for cross-contamination of wheat with the oats but I haven’t had any problem with it. Is your husband celiac or gluten-intolerant?

    • Pamela permalink*
      September 24, 2010

      He has celiac. You? He likes the TJ’s brand, but I don’t care for it either. I hope you can try Randy’s. Sometimes it’s in the “Michigan” section and other times it’s with the regular granola/cereal.

  3. Papa Petros (Peter) permalink
    October 1, 2010

    Hello all,
    A recent discovery of mine has been a Greek Style yogurt, which I believe to be better than the FAGE brand, as the latter is no longer imported from Greece and is made in the U.S.A. I really think that it is overpriced. The local grocery market here in Baltimore (basically a Spanish Market in the Ghetto) has a brand of Yogurt called Chobani. I can attest to it being a very, very affordable and tasty yogurt that is fat free, cholesteral(sp?) free and virtually sugarless. I turned the local Balto. Greeks on to this brand and could find it at the better brand grocery store Giant. As for the granola mentioned in the blog, I wish that brand was here in MD. Perhaps I can find it in Chicago soon. By the way, NPR had a great segment about 8 or 9 mo.s ago on gluten allergies and had resources for great glutten free recipies. I have the site written down somewhere in a care package that will probably never get sent to the Wright family… such is good intent and bad follow through. My love to Bob and the girls and girl to be born.

    • Pamela permalink*
      October 3, 2010

      thanks for the tip on that yogurt Peter. we have it here but i haven’t tried it yet. i will have to soon though. i’ll add a pack of granola to the imaginary care package i have been wanting to send to you for years now. or better yet, it will be your Christmas gift. :) love you.

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