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I’m. Not. Tired.

2010 October 27
by Pamela

I slept eight hours last night.  Uninterrupted too.  I woke this morning feeling refreshed which speaks to the transformative powers of sleep because yesterday, with the help of many fabulous women (and two men) I threw a Harvest Party for 76 kids. 

After the party my girlfriend Dawnell offered to take the girls for a couple of hours so I could clean and rest.  I did a very good job at the resting part, thanks to dvr’d reality television.  People who scoff at reality television don’t know what they are missing.  When I watch tv, I want it to be the complete and utter opposite of my real life.  And I will never be a pastry chef competing for $100K, which gives me great viewing pleasure.

When I went to pick up Mary Claire and Elizabeth, Mary Claire informed me that she had “much more fun” at Dawnell’s house than the party I spent many, many hours planning for her and her classmates.  Miss Dawnell’s house is more fun because she did TWO crafts with the kids and then took them outside to dig in the dirt.

You just never know what’s going to impress children. 

For the rest of the night they had major meltdowns about everything until the dvr saved me once again.  I let them watch an hour of shows and then put them down at 8 p.m.  The best thing about Fall, in my opinion, is the fact that the earlier darkness allows you to trick your children into an earlier bedtime.

Today I started preparing for my bunco party this Friday by getting my menu together and grocery shopping.  I kept telling myself throughout all three stores “I’m not tired” because I was hoping to trick myself.  Whatever refreshment I woke up with vanished along with $25 at Michaels.

Trying to lie to myself didn’t work so well.  I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea to plan two parties, have Mary Claire attend a birthday party, and plan to be gone for two consecutive weekends all in eight days. 

But I’m going to keep up with the “I’m not tired” mantra and be grateful for all this fun while it lasts.

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  1. Tammie permalink
    October 28, 2010

    You do realize that Martha has a team of gofers, right??? A staff of choppers, and gluers and cutters? Seriously, stop trying to be one woman who isn’t really one woman at all. ;-)
    Remember how that one woman at Joann’s gave me the best wedding advice I received? “No one but you will know its not right, so don’t worry about it.” Saved my sanity. Well, ok, some of it. :-p

    • Pamela permalink*
      November 3, 2010

      I think I feel more pressure as a stay-at-home-mom since I supposedly have all this extra time and am always supposed to be doing meaningful activities. “Meaningful” = not just cleaning up after them all day. :)

  2. kim permalink
    November 27, 2010

    I too feel the guilt of needing meaningfulness with the kids, that doesn’t include me preparing their meals in the kitchen or doing their laundry in the basement. So lately, I just sit with them. And no, I don’t feel guilty saying “no I don’t want to play dollies”, and they are fine. They have been sitting and laying on the floor with me, just being near each other without work involved is new for me lately.
    “The sweetness of doing nothing”- the Italian proverb has helped me to sit, and I think the kids are glad for it, even if it is rare.

    • Pamela permalink*
      November 27, 2010

      I know what you mean. I was always kind of resentful of my mom because I had these memories of my dad taking me to do special things and only remembered my mom telling me she didn’t want to play and never taking me anywhere fun. But now I realize that the reason she wasn’t playing with me is because she was washing my underwear and making my dinner. And doing it mostly alone since my dad traveled a lot. I’m hoping to hit some sort of happy balance so my kids remember me doing at least something fun with them! But laying on the floor would be a good start. They need to know we are present and available.

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