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How We Roll On Busy Mornings

2010 November 27
by Pamela

One of the great benefits of homeschooling is we don’t have to be out of the house by any certain time on most days.  Tuesdays and Sundays are the only days the girls need to be up and out of the house early.  For those mornings I’ve developed a system that is streamlining our morning routine and making things less stressful for all three of us.

Like most morning routines, it starts the night before.  I pick out the girl’s outfits, down to socks, underwear, hair clips, and shoes, and lay them all out in the family room.

I decide what they will be eating for breakfast and put it in an easily accessible spot in the fridge.

I fill their sippy cups, make sure the diaper bag is filled, and put anything we need to take with us in a bag on the dining room table.

I also take a shower the night before.

In the morning I wake up about a half hour before they do so I can do my hair and get dressed.  Then I wake them up and drag them out to the couch.  That is where the routine starts to differ from most days. 

In the past I would hurry them from room to room.  Get dressed in their bedrooms, eat in the kitchen, brush teeth in the bathroom, shoes on in the dining room, fix hair in their bedrooms, coats on in the hall, etc.  Getting them to move from place to place became an utter source of frusteration for all of us.

So now I just let them sit.  It’s such a simple thing really, but by bringing most things to them, in gives them a chance to wake up, keeps the house cleaner, and leaves our sanity intact since I’m not rushing, rushing, rushing them. 

Now I let them watch a show while I take turns getting them dressed and fixing their hair.  On these mornings I put the diapers in the garbage and pajamas in the hamper before starting breakfast.  When it’s done, I put it all on a tray with their sippy cups and bring it to them so they can eat while I fix my makeup.  When they are finished I clean up the dishes, get their shoes on, and all they have to do is walk to the bathroom to wash hands and brush their teeth.  They throw their coats on while I’m loading the van and we are out the door.

This obviously isn’t a routine I want to do with them everyday since I’m basically their maid and teaching them no responsibility at all.  But for two days a week?  I will trade some responsibility teaching in place of peace.

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  1. kim permalink
    November 27, 2010

    I’m finally trying the shower the night before thing. Maybe I’m growing up, or becoming less self centered, thinking that I have to have a shower in the morning at the cost of anything, including being on time. I guess I can suck it up two days a week! :) Dry shampoo here I come. Not really.

  2. Ellen permalink
    May 1, 2011

    I remember the thrill of taking a shower in the morning. It was a red-letter day!!

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