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Don’t Mess With Mommy

2010 December 30
by Pamela

Dear Elizabeth –

When Mommy tells you not to play with my makeup, I mean it.  You are just lucky you chose my old mascara and not the beloved new one for this little stunt:

But I will always have the last laugh because I can dress you in stuff like this:

Love, Mommy

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  1. Karina H permalink
    December 30, 2010

    Awesome! Plain Awesome.

  2. Sarah (Batson) Boyd permalink
    December 31, 2010

    LOL, she looks like the kid from Christmas Story :)

    • Pamela permalink*
      December 31, 2010

      I was thinking the same thing, Sarah! She bawled her eyes out with this get-up on – and refused to be seen outside with it – at the age of 2!

  3. John B permalink
    December 31, 2010

    ROFL – Pam, you and your kids are super awesome. :) Your husband is pretty swell also.

    • Pamela permalink*
      December 31, 2010

      Thanks John! They crack me up.

  4. Tammie permalink
    December 31, 2010


  5. Lee Harrison permalink
    December 31, 2010

    I like the “make-up” story. It also looks like a “black eye”.

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