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I’m Both Old and Uncool

2010 December 13
by Pamela

We’ve had a glorious couple of days around here.  It started with taking Mary Claire to urgent care on Sunday morning.  Seriously.  I know that isn’t the typical start of glorious days, but it worked for us.  She had a mild bronchial thing going on which meant we needed to stay home from church and cancel a party we had scheduled.

I already had the house clean for the party and food made.

In short, there was nothing that had to be done.  The snow started falling hard, the wind picked up, and we got to spend the entire day together as a family.  We drank tea with lots of honey.  Because honey is good for you when you’re sick according to my mother.  This is one of my mom’s remedies that the girls particularly like since it involves copious amounts of sugar.   We baked and decorated sugar cookies, made a snowman, drank hot cocoa, played games, and read stories. 

Mary Claire’s illness was so mild that it ended up being a blessing to us.

Today, on the other hand, I was dreading.  The temperature was going to be single digits, Bob had to go to work, and Mary Claire needed to stay home another day.  I half-heartedly hoped for a snow day since that would mean her neighborhood friends would be home, but I didn’t hold out much hope.  I geared up for a long and lonely, stuck-in-the-house kind of day.

When we woke up this morning, all three of us girls were in the same bed.  I’m not sure how that happened, but I know I slept on two beds and the couch last night before ending up back where I started.  We’ve started playing the bed version of musical chairs lately and I’ll be happy when the game is over.  This morning I went downstairs and walked straight to the dining room window to see if anyone was home.

Glory, glory snow day!  All of the girl’s friends were home.  I called my neighbor who is a teacher and suggested we do a playdate throughout the day, rotating homes every two hours.  Then I called Brittney, who occasionally helps me around the house, and booked her too.

Four loads of laundry, done.  Mary Claire’s gift bags for her birthday party, done.  My closet cleaned, dinner made, and the house is still straightened.

See why it has been glorious?  For me the start and end of a glorious day involves making memories.  And keeping the house clean. 

So while Brittney and I were hanging clothes, she mentioned how much she loathes Christmas music.  While I was playing Christmas music.  I asked her what radio station she wanted on and  switched it.  I didn’t recognize a single song, further proof (as if anyone needed any) that I am no longer cool. 

But at some point a song came on with a catchy refrain that had something to do with a cheese stick.  Except that didn’t make any sense.  “You’re so fly, like a cheese stick”.  No, there was no way this guy was singing about how a girl was as fly as a cheese stick, but the lyrics were really clear. 

I finally sucked it up and asked Brittney. 

“Is that guy really singing “you’re so fly, like a cheese stick?” 

After her snort of laughter she enlightened me:  “it’s G6. You’re so fly, like a G6”. 

It’s official:  I’m an old stay-at-home-mom who has no idea about current music and considers getting her laundry done a thrilling event.

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  1. Sally permalink
    December 13, 2010

    Supposedly, you get old and uncool when your first kid is born. There was even a FB app about it. Who has time or the inclination anymore to care about what’s new in music? You’re too busy with “I’m a Little Tea Pot” and stuff. Then, supposedly, you get younger and cooler when your first kid starts listening to what’s new in music. For moi, it was actually when Danny came to live with us. Couple, ten more years, you’ll be awesomely cool. Again.

  2. Tammie permalink
    December 14, 2010

    Cheese stick!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

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