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20 Minutes and Counting

2011 January 6
by Pamela

In exactly 20 minutes, I will be 35 weeks along in this pregnancy.

Ironically, the further along I get, the better I am feeling.  This is due, in large part, to the fact that I am DONE.  Done with Christmas, done with Mary Claire’s birthday party (more on that in a post to follow) and done with my mega huge bulk cook session (maybe more on that too). 

The last things that need to be done before this baby arrives are all cleaning and organizing related.

Because you know this baby simply cannot be born until the bookshelves are purged and re-organized and the fridge is cleaned out.

Yes, I’m in nesting mode.

I am giving myself permission to ask for and hire HELP this time too.  And I’m doing so without any guilt whatsoever.  Someone is coming over to quote the cleaning job on Friday.  She can clean while  I  simultaneously gaze into my newborn’s eyes and get addicted to Oprah’s new channel. 

Someone was talking to me yesterday about how AMAZING a newborn smells and it made me feel sad as  I apparently birth stinky babies.  I never once remember the scent of my children being sweet, unless it was 30 seconds post-bath.  By 31 seconds they had usually spit up on themselves and it always got stuck in all those turtle-like folds on their neck.  Which does not smell amazing.

Maybe this one will smell good. 

I got a free mint flavored lip gloss from Bath and Body right before Christmas.  It’s super shiny (and sticky) but I’ve been wearing it anyway, just for kicks.  When Elizabeth sees it on me, she now asks for a “minty kiss”.  So sweet she is.  Elizabeth thinks she looks quite striking with lip gloss on and never misses an opportunity to steal some from my purse or makeup bag. 

In other Elizabeth news, her new favorite line is “I’m serious!” followed by whatever directive she’s inclined to at the moment.  Example:  I dress her in a really cute outfit which she perceives as horribly ugly, she throws a fit, I kind of chuckle at the ridiculousness of the situation and she says:  “My don’t like Pretty!   I’m serious!  My no want PRETTY!!!” 

Mary Claire read her third book to me this week, Pigs in a Rig.  The first line said “Sam sits in a rig”.  I explained a rig is a big truck.  Later I asked her to read the story again and she looked at the picture on the first page and said, “Sam was full of excitement as he sat in his big truck because after he was done with work he was going to go ice skating for the first time and then have hot cocoa by a warm fire with his family”.

Yes, she really did say that.  I wrote it down so I’d remember.  The child is never going to read because the stories are too boring and after the first reading she figures out ways to improve upon them.

But she may have a future as a storyteller!

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  1. Jen permalink
    January 6, 2011

    Sounds like someone is itching to go ice skating!!

  2. Tammie permalink
    January 7, 2011

    OMG! Seriously? A MAID????
    Send her to my house too please!

    • Pamela permalink*
      January 9, 2011

      I know, brilliant delegation!

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