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2011 January 11
by Pamela

I was flipping through the Detroit News the other day when I ran across a small blurb about a seed called Salba, something I had never heard of.  Gram for gram, it has:

8 times more Omega 3s than salmon

4 times more fiber than flax

6 times more calcium than whole milk

30% more antioxidants than blueberries

When I looked on the official Salba web site I noticed that they sell it whole, in ground form, as well as liquid and gel caps.  I personally like the idea of gel caps best since I won’t have to find ways to incorporate it into recipes.

Has anyone tried this stuff?  Is it as “neutral tasting” as they claim?  With that kind of nutritional profile, coupled with the fact that today I ate Taco Bell and chocolate pudding (there was a salad and some eggs on the menu too, but still) it seems like something I’d like to incorporate into our diets.

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  1. Salba is good stuff permalink
    January 17, 2011

    I have been taking Salba for some time and it is neutral in flavor. It is very easy to add to foods. We add it a lot to our healthy homemade pasta sauces. If you put it in water overnight you can make a healthy jello with it because the seeds absorb water, we sometimes add some freshly squeezed/juiced fruit juice with the seeds and put it in the fridge, after about 30 minutes it gels, and it is pretty amazing. I like to add it our vegetable soups too, I like that it thickens it up.

    Lately we have been adding it to a pancake that we make with organic oatmeal, fat free cottage cheese, a couple of egg whites and a tablespoon or two of Salba. I like to add Salsa or Picante sauce on top of it, or sometimes organic ketchup. It makes an amazing healthy breakfast. There is no flavor in the Salba but it does have a little bit of a crunch if not allowed to absorb moisture in whatever you put it into. For instance, if we just sprinkle it on salad it adds an additional crunch texture, reminds me a little of sesame seeds when we use it like that, but without the flavor.

    I have friends that use it that are very health concious and they go on and on about how they love it. I have been trying to encourage more of my family to use it, especially some that have some health issues, but it is hard to get people to try new things sometimes. It can be tough to convince the hamburger/milkshake generation to give it a try. I think it is amazing stuff and I share it with my wife and kids. I guess good health really has to start with ourselves, it is sometimes hard to convince others to be healthy when they are not open to the idea yet.

    I am 38 and find that at even this age, it is not uncommon to get aches and pains in the winter months, and when I take this regularly, not only do I tend to lose a few pounds, probably from the fiber, but I notice I have much less of the joint aches and pains, also most likely from the omega fatty acids in the seeds. This winter I have had almost zero aches and pains. I used to get a sore neck and shoulders pretty commonly each year when it got cold and this winter, almost none.

    Good luck on finding ways to use it in your diet, a little creativity can go a long way. Maybe you can try using it some of the ways that we have.

  2. Shelly permalink
    January 17, 2011

    Denise just talked about this at WW!!

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