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Pregnancy Update: It Will Never End

2011 February 7
by Pamela

Today marks 39 weeks and 4 days of being pregnant.  I feel awesome.  Really!  I have no soreness anywhere and am sleeping pretty well except for having to get up four times a night to use the bathroom.  Oh, and then wake up another three times to either take Elizabeth back down to her bed or dig her foot out of my ribs if she’s sleeping in ours.

But I am well-rested and well-fed.  Definitely well-fed.  I just stopped and bought a foot long cheesesteak for the girls and me to eat for dinner since Bob’s working today.  Then I came home and took just a teensy bit of it since I was hungry.  Five teensy bits later and the whole foot-long sub is gone, along with some potato chips and Vernors. 

I am eating every meal like it might be my last.  I’m about to go into labor and need all the energy I can get!

We have been trying to have special times together as a family as much as possible before the tornado of having a newborn descends on our home.  The other day Mary Claire and I had our special day.  She requested that we eat at IHOP, which she’s never been to before.  But she saw a commercial that told her “Everyone eats at IHOP!”  which was a good enough reason for her.  The one we went to is attached to a truck stop and she now thinks IHOP is the coolest place on Earth since it had an arcade (she called it a carnival) attached.  Me, on the other hand, I was pretty nervous because every weirdo in a 50 mile radius seemed to be hanging out at the IHOP truck stop at noon on a Wednesday. 

Mary Claire ordered a pancake with strawberries for eyes and banana slices for a mouth.  The fact that she was so utterly impressed with it goes to show I should try to put a little more effort into making their meals more fun at home.

Afterwards we saw Tangled, which oh my goodness, what a girly movie.  She looooooved it, needless to say.  On the way home she said, “Do you know what I want to be when I grow up?”  “A princess” she says, “so I can dress up in pretty dresses all the time and live in a fancy castle and stuff”.

Yesterday we were blessed to get tickets from the Harrisons for Sesame Street Live.  I’m very grateful to be married to someone who thought it would be more fun to watch Big Bird sing than watch the Superbowl.  I hope that sentence doesn’t make Bob lose his Man Card.  He loves to watch baseball and hockey, but football he can do without. 

The best part of Sesame Street Live was watching Elizabeth’s face when Elmo and Big Bird came out on stage for the first time.  Her mouth was open wide and she was utterly dumbstruck.  So fun!  Since there was virtually no one at the theater, the girls were able to dance in the aisles throughout the show.

I’m grateful for this last bit of time together as a family of four.  And I am VERY grateful for my friends and family who have helped so much these last few weeks.  Dawnell has taken my girls for more hours than I can count, Colleen bought Bob a million dollar’s worth of gluten free meals for our freezer, and my parents have taken the girls for outings and playdates every few days.

No wonder I’m feeling good!

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