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Mary Had A Little Lamb

2011 May 19
by Pamela

I know, my cheesiest title yet.  But I couldn’t resist.

My friend Colleen works at Real Life Day Camp and Farm.  Every year they host a fundraising event to raise money for children to attend summer camp there.  This is the second year we’ve been able to attend and it’s a wonderful event.  This year we joined up with lots of friends, like the Chaseys, Heims, and Julie.  Mary Claire got to ride a horse, hold a lamb and bunny, and feed piglets:

Elizabeth?  We kept her locked up in a miniature castle:

Just kidding.  But playing in that thing was virtually all she was interested in the whole day.  At one point we were all ready to eat lunch.  The Chaseys had been patiently waiting for our kids to finish up and we were all hungry.  But of course Elizabeth refused to come out of this thing so Bob had to go in and remove her by force.  Minutes passed and I was getting more and more embarrassed about everyone waiting around for us.  So I went into it and asked Bob to hurry up already.  What I didn’t know is that Elizabeth had gotten stuck at the top and he had to climb the littlest and most unsteady ladder ever to get her down.

That’s what daddy’s are for, all that rescuing business.

She was mildly interested in some of the animals when she wasn’t running around acting like one herself:

And look!  They all stood still for 20 split seconds!

This is my favorite photo of the day.  “MILK!  It just squirted out Mom!!  Did you SEE that?!”

Thankfully, unlike the chicken breast issue, she hasn’t equated that the milk she just squirted into that metal bucket is what she pours over her mini wheats.

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  1. May 21, 2011

    Has she figured out that eggs shoot out of the rear ends of chickens! I have plenty of nest boxes from where they can collect eggs :)

  2. John B. permalink
    May 30, 2011

    LOL!! Hopefully she never determines the origin of her dairy products, or you’ll be in a heap of trouble. Or if she realizes the beef was standing right next to her.

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