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Stranger Danger

2011 May 23
by Pamela

Yet ANOTHER new girl moved onto our block.  We live in an exclusive gated community that only allows families with girls to move in, apparently.

Tonight half the block was in our backyard when the new girl announced a game for the evening:  Stranger Danger.  I don’t know if this is something they teach in schools now or if she just made it up herself, but I thought it was brilliant.

One person is the “stranger” and they have to entice another kid to try and get in their make-believe car.  They were using the typical stuff, like “I just lost my puppy, can you help me find him?” or “Do you want to go and get some candy with me?” kind of thing.  At some point (this part gets murky which makes me think she made the game up herself) they all start running around like crazy and screaming until someone else somehow becomes the “stranger”.

After awhile I went out and threw in some new ideas that a stranger might use to get them into their car or to get them close enough to physically pull them into a vehicle.  They played Stranger Danger for almost a half hour straight. 

I think this is a great way for the idea of safety to stay present in their minds and I wanted to pass it along to anyone else who wants to reinforce the idea in a fun and engaging way.

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