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All I Want For Christmas…

2013 October 12
by Pamela

Last night I tucked a very-exhausted Mary Claire into bed.  As I said good night, I casually mentioned she should start a Christmas and birthday list soon.  Sitting up and suddenly wide awake, she offered to start it immediately.  Since her birthday and Christmas are close together, she only gets presents once a year but what she lacks in present-receiving frequency she makes up for in strategic gift requests.   Nearly an hour later she came downstairs with not one, but three lists.  One is for my parents, one for Bob and me, and another for Bob “in case you want to buy me a little extra Daddy”.   Well played, little girl.

Here is her list for us (phonetic spelling included)

Birthday doll har stuff

rainbow loops

doll close

big dreme lite

close for me from Target (with the logo next to it in red, as if my internal gps wouldn’t be able to get me there otherwise)

close from Once Upon a Child

maching close for me and my dolls

pajamas for my dolls


har stuff for my doll

craft stuf


cute things for my room

things that say my name like Mary’s cup and Marys room

I’m going to advise her to add “cute outfits for Mommy and me from Target” to Daddy’s list.



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