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Next Up on Hoarders

2013 October 22
by Pamela

I was sitting on the couch tonight and Mary Claire casually plopped down next to me.

“Here, I thought you might want to take this Christmas shopping with you”, she says.  Mind you, it’s October and I’m not exactly known for being the early bird who catches a worm.

It was the  super thick Toys R Us Christmas book that comes out every year.   This is a highly-prized item in our house.  The girls spend much time poring over every page.

“When did this come in the mail?” I asked, thumbing through.

“Oh, I saved it from last year.  You know, so you could be prepared”.

As I looked through, I noticed virtually everything is circled.

“The circled things are what you guys want?”

“Yep.  They are left over from last year’s lists.  I combined my list and Elizabeth’s, then added what I thought Lydia would like”.

“You saved your lists from last year?”

“Yes”, she says, “I’m trying to make it all easier, you know the shopping part.  I saved some of the wrapping paper and bags too.”

She’s seven.  Can you imagine how well she is going to be managing her first company by the age of 12?


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