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Back in Session

2014 January 20
by Pamela

As home educators, we get to set our own schedules.  That comes in handy when you need to make doctor’s appointments or want to take advantage of an off-season vacation special.

But it has some drawbacks too, primarily when the teacher doesn’t feel like getting back to school.

This Christmas break was a drag.  We hosted Bob’s family for the first time (not the drag part) but had a bunch of projects we thought we needed to get done beforehand, none of which I even remember now.

Yes, they were that important.

After all the projects and the First Holiday Dinner (roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and no one died of food poisoning, thank you very much), one by one each member of my immediate family got sick.  And to make things more interesting, they each got something different.  Their own special kind of sick!  What unique people I live with.

After I got to play nurse to four of them,  THEN it was time to start the Whole 30 challenge, another one of my ideas that seemed brilliant until it was actually time to begin it.

Now I’m trying to ferment my own sauerkraut, cook pastured pork chops, source organic sweet potatoes, and make my own salad dressing.  Do you think I have time to do multiplication drills with a 3rd grader?

But of course the time came to start school……and then it went.  Our start-back date was a Monday that Bob was working.  We started the day well enough with our Power Hour.  After listening to Mary Claire’s new vocabulary chapter and reviewing linking verbs for the umpteenth time, we read a chapter out of her book and then took a break.

The break lasted the rest of the day.

Later that night Bob called and asked Mary Claire how school went.

Me, sitting next to her and whispering quietly:  Just tell Daddy we eased into it.

Mary Claire:  We eased into it Daddy.

Bob:  Eased into it?  What does that mean?

Mary Claire:  It means we got dressed?




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