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This is love

2014 August 14
by Pamela

This week has been bizarre, weather-wise.  We had record rain, followed by record floods.  The flooding ended up causing major damage in basements, our rental home included.  There is a lovely family living there and our heart was broken for them.

To make things a little more ironic for us, we had just – JUST – switched insurances on the rental property.  In fact, we’d only been insured by the new company for two days before we needed to make a claim.

That’s when we realized we never added flood insurance to the contract.

Cue Alantis Morissette.

Cue banging my head against the wall.  Repeat.

I dropped dinner off to Bob and the renters since they were busy dealing with, you know, raw sewage.  These awesome people lost so much of their property.  And no, they don’t have insurance either.  So sad.

As I leave the house, the passenger window in our minivan rolls down and then decides to die.

At least it was sunny.

The very last thing I was going to do was ask Bob for help, so I called all the mechanics I knew (all two of them) and then asked my neighbor if he knew of a store who could help me.  He spent an hour working on it, then found the part I needed and said he would fix it for us.

Then my other neighbor offered to watch the girls so I could attend a meeting.

Then my friend agreed to help Mary Claire with a sewing project – a surprise for my Mom’s birthday this weekend.

Then my girlfriend stopped by to invite our family to do something fun the next day.

Isn’t that how life goes?  “In this world you will have trouble”  – the Bible even says so.  There is never going to be an absence of problems.   The basement IS going to flood.  The car WILL break.   But there have always been loving people and a loving God to help me along the way.

If – when- I am expecting to walk through life without incident, I am ALWAYS disappointed.  That expectation leaves me anxious, bitter, entitled.  But knowing I will be cared for – in some way or another – fills me with gratefulness.

Thank you for being my sunshine to those of you who were today.

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