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Hello, I’m Pamela.  Thanks for visiting Under the Juniper Tree.  This blog is dedicated to:

1.  chronicling some of the tales of my husband Bob and our two crazy redheads, Mary Claire, 8,  and Elizabeth, 5.  I also live under the sometimes halo and sometimes tyranny of Lydia, our three-year-old.

2.  storing things I love, observations about life, and the merits of green olives stuffed with garlic.

3.  keeping me sane by giving me an outlet to write, something I love but had nearly forgotten about after becoming a stay-at-home mom for our three children.

I also use this space for keeping track of gluten free and paleo recipes, quotes I love, and home education resources.

Under the Juniper Tree is a reference in the Bible – 1 Kings 19 – where Elijah flees to seek refuge under a juniper tree when he hears Jezebel has it out for him. The angel of God feeds and encourages him there. It’s a prayer I pray about our home and family life; that we would be a juniper tree for one another and those who are a part of our lives.

I like to imagine that God fed Elijah a medium rare filet mignon, roasted potatoes with extra sour cream, and white cupcakes with chocolate frosting for dessert, by the way.

When I’m not taking care of my family and house, I like to daydream about interior design,  drinking leisurely cups of coffee in outdoor cafes, taking showers on a daily basis, and having perfect hair.  Every girl needs a dream.

P.S.  This website was created by Heather and Ross Chasey.  You can find them at Heather’s etsy shop.  Please visit her, buy something, and tell her I sent you.   Then come back and chat with me.  I love to read your comments.